Small Town Florist Lives Her Dream at Nielsen’s

Nielsen’s Florist in Darien, Conn., Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020.
Dail DuHaime, 72, has been working at Nielsen’s Florist for more than 30 years. She used to be a stay-at-home mom until her son grew up and left home. Thereafter, she decided to go to school and earned her bachelor’s degree in design. After graduation, she landed a job at Nielsen’s Florist.
When DuHaime applied at Nielsen’s, she didn’t know that she would discover a life-long passion for flowers. She says she feels happy coming to work every day, surrounding herself with beautiful flowers and creating art. “I really love it!” she exclaims.
DuHaime fulfills a customer’s flower arrangement order. She cuts the stems with a knife and sprays the petals with Crowning Glory, a solution that hydrates the flowers.
Once the flower arrangement is complete, DuHaime prices it based on what flowers she used and her percentage commission.

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